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Fruits of the Spirit is a bi-weekly podcast sharing and uplifting the faith journeys of queer and trans people of color (QTPOC). 

Hosted by Enrique Cintrón, each episode is an hour long interview exploring how race, gender, and sexuality inform and influence our experiences of God and faith. For many of us, at some point in our lives, QTPOC have been told by our faith communities that there is no "good fruit" in us, that we can't possibly be our fullest selves and love God. We also experience marginalization as people of color within the larger queer and trans community and don't often see ourselves represented in media - FOTS is a counter to both these narratives, uplifting our stories of flourishing, and letting us speak for ourselves. 

About the Host

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Enrique Cintrón (they/them/theirs) is a queer Puerto Rican, nonbinary femme, and lifelong Philadelphian. They read, write, dream and laugh in two languages, English and Spanish, and hope to someday become a polyglot. Enrique is passionate about storytelling, and considers listening and sharing experiences with others to be a sacred act. They love to cook and share meals with folks, and when they aren’t working or volunteering, they enjoy embroidery, tending to their container garden, and reading an ever-growing stack of books.


In addition to hosting FOTS, Enrique is the media coordinator for TRACC for Movements, which empowers and trains healing professionals to better support social movements, and they are also a co-organizer of the Sabbath Solidarity Project, which organizes monthly sabbath experiences for people of color, providing yoga, massage, and other wellness services at no cost, along with food and fellowship. 

Follow them on Twitter and Instagram: @enriquecint.

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